About me

As a developer web standards and best practices are important to me, but as I hail from the fine arts, I also understand the reality of small budgets and the wish to experiment. I believe in collaborating closely with graphic designers and clients. Together, we'll look at all the options on the table, and realise the best of 'em, while we work within the constraints of budgets and technology.

The web and I got acquainted when I started studying Interaction Design in 1998. It was only 4 years old and the .com bubble had yet to burst. Much of what I learned was geared at the promise of the internet and the web. Slowly but surely I got hooked up.

Later, when I started pursuing a career in fine arts, I kept on working with the web. I built a portfolio CMS in PHP and started to offer it to fellow artists and small organisations. This got me connected with graphic designers like 75BRoosje Klap and Kommerz. They hired me as a developer on their web related projects, which was the start of Grok Projects: A web development bureau for artistic and creative initiatives.

Some other clients I've been working for are: Arthur van BeekIf I Can't Dance...A.P.EWitte de With Contemporary ArtPamela Spruyt & Esther Noyons.

My free time I spent reading anything from the south of the U.S where I co-founded the artist residency Deltaworkers in New Orleans. But mostly I like to stay at home to make/eat Kimchi and watch movies.

— Joris Lindhout (joris@grok-projects.com)

Portfolio - Back end


Tags: 75B, Back end, Responsive, Wordpress


BEAR stands for Base for Experiment, Art and Research. It’s the fine arts department of the ArtEZ art school in Arnhem. 75B designed a simple and straightforward responsive website. At the back end things are a bit more complex: the site features a tool with which current students’ and alumni content can be managed. Each of them receives their own portfolio page where they can show off their work.


Tags: Back end, CSS, Customised Wordpress Admin, Esther Noyons, Front end, HTML5, Responsive, Wordpress


Soda is an interior design bureau, responsible for designing the Centraal Museum‘s insides amongst other things. Esther Noyons is responsible for the design of their website. She came up with a deeply branching menu and complicated set of variables for laying out the different parts of the content. I developed a WordPress plugin that hooks into the admin to be able to maintain a well structured back end that relates in a logical manner to the layered and stacked front end.


Tags: Back end, CMS, Front end, jQuery, PHP, Roosje Klap


Roosje Klap is a studio for visual communication, mainly graphic design. The studio researches the experimental boundaries of custom fit design, collaborative yet peculiar. I’ve collaborated on web related projects many a time with Roosje. Her studio’s website is an example of this. It’s built on an early version of my portfolio CMS.


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