As a developer web standards and best practices are important to me, but as I hail from the fine arts, I also understand the reality of small budgets and the wish to experiment. I believe in collaborating closely with graphic designers and clients. Together, we'll look at all the options on the table, and realise the best of 'em, while we work within the constraints of budgets and technology.

The web and I got acquainted when I started studying Interaction Design in 1998. It was only 4 years old and the .com bubble had yet to burst. Much of what I learned was geared at the promise of the internet and the web. Slowly but surely I got hooked up.

Later, when I started pursuing a career in fine arts, I kept on working with the web. I built a portfolio CMS in PHP and started to offer it to fellow artists and small organisations. This got me connected with graphic designers like 75BRoosje Klap and Kommerz. They hired me as a developer on their web related projects, which was the start of Grok Projects: A web development bureau for artistic and creative initiatives.

Some other clients I've been working for are: Arthur van BeekIf I Can't Dance...A.P.EWitte de With Contemporary ArtPamela Spruyt & Oek de Jong.

My free time I spent reading anything from the south of the U.S and writing the southern gothic blog I co-founded the artist residency Deltaworkers in New Orleans. But mostly I like to stay at home to make/eat Kimchi and watch movies.

— Joris Lindhout


Tags: HTML5, jQuery, Responsive, Wordpress

Guido van der Werve is a video artist, composer and athlete operating internationally. His films usually give the impression of being registrations of performances in which endurance, classical music and chess play some kind of role. He designed this portfolio website himself. I turned it into a responsive WordPress theme.

Tags: HTML5, jQuery, Responsive, Wordpress

Janneke van der Putten is an artist based in Rotterdam. She mainly works with different sounds and her voice creating performances, installations, publications and recordings. The responsive design is made by Janneke herself; I’ve adapted it into a simple WordPress theme.

Tags: CSS, Front end, HTML5, jQuery, Wordpress

Mirta Demare is a small gallery in Rotterdam that mainly exhibits young, international artists. The design was made by Kommerz, for the back end I used WordPress.

Tags: HTML5, jQuery, Mobile, PHP, Wordpress

Performance Platform is a website and webapp listing public activities from four different organisations based in Amsterdam: Het Veem Theater, NBprojects, If I Can’t Dance and DasArts. In addition, it calls attention to other performance-related events in the city and abroad. Design by Kommerz. The back end is WordPress with a custom plugin for the events calendar.

Tags: HTML5, jQuery, Mobile, PHP, Wordpress presents a complete current exhibition overview of the most significant museums, art spaces, events and galleries in the Netherlands and Flanders. I founded together with Maurits Hertzberger and Alexander Ramselaar. Design by Kommerz, back end is WordPress with lots of custom action like a custom rating-system and an image uploader for institutions.

Tags: Back end, CMS, Front end, HTML5, jQuery, PHP

Portfolio website for my fine art based work. It runs on a custom portfolio CMS built in PHP. The template is designed by Antoine Bertaudière. Although I find myself working with WordPress more and more, this CMS is my pet project which I keep on developing.

Tags: CSS, Front end, HTML5, jQuery

Wilfried Lentz is a Rotterdam based gallery and offers an international program of contemporary art. Most of the artists use forms of appropriation and express their ideas through an innovative use of different mediums. Design by Lesley Moore, back end by Bas Ben Zineb. I’ve mainly worked on the front end.

Tags: Back end, CMS, Front end, jQuery, PHP

Maarten Spruyt is a renowned fashion stylist, who has worked with famous fashion photographers such as Mario Testino and Erwin Olaf. Design by Arthur van Beek. The site runs on an adapted version of my portfolio CMS.

Tags: Back end, CMS, Front end, PHP

Paulien is a prolific Dutch artist working mainly in photography. She wanted to design her own site, which I built on an adapted version of my portfolio CMS.

Tags: Back end, CMS, CSS, Front end, Javascript, jQuery, PHP

Katrin Korfmann is a German artist working in Amsterdam. Her works are large photographs with an insane amount of detail. Each step you take towards them reveals a new layer of information. This idea formed the basis of the design Roosje Klap made for her website. I worked with Zoomify and adapted my portfolio CMS to work with the large uploads necessary for the zoom effect.

Tags: Back end, CMS, Front end, jQuery, PHP

Roosje Klap is a studio for visual communication, mainly graphic design. The studio researches the experimental boundaries of custom fit design, collaborative yet peculiar. I’ve collaborated on web related projects many a time with Roosje. Her studio’s website is an example of this. It’s built on an early version of my portfolio CMS.

Tags: Back end, CMS, Front end, PHP, Wordpress

Gabriel Lester is a well known artist from the Netherlands. He exhibited on the dOCUMENTA (13), the Venice Biennale and Performa 13 amongst many other things. While working as his personal assistant I developed my portfolio CMS on which his site ran originally. In 2015 we ported the layout to WordPress.

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